Coronavirus - Does my existing Health Insurance Policy Cover it? Can I buy a Coronavirus Specific Health Insurance Plan?

India has recorded a total of 70L+ Coronavirus positive cases and the figures are increasing steadily. The rise in Coronavirus cases..

Why is Senior Citizen Health Insurance so Important?

Old age brings multiple illnesses that are expensive to treat. Many insurer offer different health insurance plans for senior citizens with premium as per the features. These health insurance plans cover many types of medical expenses incurred by the policyholders with various sub-limits, Co-Pay, exclusions, Conditions etc...

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Health Insurance Plan

Important Tips:
1. Coverage exclusions and conditions
2. Waiting Period of X years
3. Room rent limit eligibility conditions was only this - so that's all you'll get. (Challenging to understand that calculation)
So, are insurance companies trying to...

Guidelines for Successful Health Insurance Claim

Health Insurance claims are processed in two ways.
1. Cashless Settlement
2. Reimbursement of Medical Expenses
Claim Process for Cashless Settlement:
Claims Process of Reimbursement of Claims

6 Point Checklist while Buying Car Insurance

Below are 7 tips which will help buyers to make the correct decision about car insurance:
1. Every insurer differently rates each brand of vehicles based on customers’ statistical analyses, claim history etc.




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