Why is Senior Citizen Health Insurance so Important?

Old age brings multiple illnesses that are expensive to treat. Many insurer offer different health insurance plans for senior citizens with premium as per the features. These health insurance plans cover many types of medical expenses incurred by the policyholders with various sub-limits, Co-Pay , exclusions, Conditions etc.

Generally Senior citizen health insurance policy offers medical coverage to individuals with entry above 60 years of age to 75 years and some even up to 100. Some of the unique benefits of senior citizen health insurance covers are

  • A) Cashless hospitalization, cover for declared pre-existing conditions, daycare expenses, no medical test required and a higher sum insured up to 25Lacs is also available.
  • B) Pre-existing disease are covered from 2nd year onwards with co-pay
  • C) Also option of health check up and OPD benefits on case to case
  • D) Renewal Lifelong
  • E) Covering all major critical illness
  • F) No Pre-Medical checkup. Only Tele Underwriting
  • G) Pre and Post hospitalization medical expenses check up also covered.


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