India is a country where not even 6% of the urban populations are covered under any form of retail Mediclaim insurance policy and with more than 34 General/Standalone insurance players along with more than 10 life insurance players also selling indemnity Health Insurance policies; it has become a challenge to interpretate the policies terms/ exclusions and with more than 650 Mediclaim/Health insurance products in the market to be sold through various intermediary. Currently all insurers are focused only on selling and achieving their growth and targets and none of the insurance companies are keen in educating intermediary on Underwriting and Claims management.

We at Claimchase plan to come up with a training model where we will launch Training on Claims and underwriting which will be a basic one and will help insurance advisors to increase their retail health portfolio and also generate confidence in them for marketing of Retail Mediclaim Insurance policies.

We at Claimchase also assist Intermediaries on their disputed claims and with a team of medical/legal experts ensure that they are not deprived of genuine advice. For more details call claimchase Services Pvt Ltd.



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