Car is one’s dream like a home and many a times we travel for work, leisure and lot of sentiments are attached in the same. We also buy on an auspicious occasion and sometimes on our Birthday’s, Anniversary or any other occasion. When we buy car, we are at peace that we have bought the right insurance policy with all necessary coverage as most of the time the policy are bought from the showroom only and we renew every year assuming we are adequately covered. With new regulations coming in place where showroom offer only 1st year comprehensive cover and rest 2 year only TP cover due to which it is challenging to select the right covers during renewals. With all insurers offering different add on covers with different premium, we find challenging to understand whether we have bought the necessary coverage to avoid any hassles when we actually need them.

But in some cases we find the insurer has not covered for which we have a claims and the same is denied or deducted for unwanted reason. Hence it is important to understand the right covers in the policy so we don’t face challenges during claims. At Claimchase we ensure that you have the right covers which are necessary and you do not face any hassles when there is a claim.

Also we ensure the right solutions for you when you need solutions at the time. For more details call Claimchase immediately.



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